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        v 歐款框架工作平臺,平臺采用冷拔高合金矩管焊拼,平面度高,強度大。

        v 垂直升降平臺,降到最低點只有120mm,任何事故車上下車十分方便,無需地藏,最大舉升高度1700mm,為廣大用戶提供了一機多用的平臺。

        v 高自由度的拉塔,移動方便靈活,固定牢固方便,工作范圍廣,無盲區,強度高。經久耐用。

        v 通用主夾鉗獨特的虎式鉗口設計。力學流線設計的鉗口,經過滲碳、熱處理工藝,保證了各種車型的快速夾緊,提高了工作效率以及使用壽命。

        v 隨機配置的各種夾具,輔具可滿足任何變形的校正、修理。

        v 液壓系統性能可靠,使用壽命長、動力強勁。維修保養方便快捷。

        v 全球同步的車體數據庫資料,保證提供最新最快的車體數據。

        Ø Frame-style bench with European technology adopts cold-drawing high alloy rectangular tube, making it with high flatness and strong strength.

        Ø The working height of scissor lifting bench can be adjusted between 120mm and 1700mm as needed. Bench can be down to 120mm from the floor, which makes car can be driven on it directly without ramps.

        Ø The hydraulic pulling tower can move 360 degrees around the bench rail, making work on all sides of the vehicle fast and efficient.Heavy-duty pulling tower with high strength are always ready multi direction straightening for demanding structures.

        Ø The universal clamps are suitable for the positioning and clamping of various imported and domestic cars.

        Ø Equipped with electrical pump for bench up/down,the lifting cylinders are operated electrically by hand-held remote control,which speeds up

        Ø The imported hydraulic system has reliable performance and long use-life. patent general Lord clamp jaw tiger unique design. Mechanics streamline design of the jaw, through osmosis, heat treatment process, to ensure the fast clamping of various models, improve the working efficiency and service life.

        Ø The global synchronous car-body database, ensures to provide the latest and fastest car-body data.

      主要技術參數         SPECIFICATION    K9
      工作臺長度 Platform length 3400mm
      工作臺寬度 Platform width 890mm
      工作臺高度 Platform height 120-1700mm
      拉塔最大推力 Post Max.tension 95KN
      動力氣源壓力 Pneumatic pressure range 0.8Mpa
      塔柱工作范圍 Post working range 360°
      最大承載 Max.lifting weight 3500Kg
      設備總重 Gross weight 1000Kg